Sermons and Studies

In today's sermon, Pastor Haig encourages all believers to set aside a pursuit of earthly comfort, but rather to follow Christ even through times of difficulty. Watch Now
Sermon on 1 Peter 1:13-25 by Pastor Jason Matossian. Watch Now
Sermon on 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 by Pastor Jason Matossian. Watch Now

I Will Comfort You

May 9, 2021
Pastor Jason focuses on the comfort of the Lord on this Mother's Day service. Watch Now
Pastor Jason concludes his short series working through the book of Habakkuk. Watch Now
Pastor Jason continues his sermon series going through the book of Habakkuk. Watch Now

An Invitation to Rest

April 18, 2021
Roger directs us to the scriptures to understand the comfort and peace we can have as Christians in the midst of life's struggles. Watch Now
Pastor Jason introduces the first of a 4-part series on Habakkuk, diving into an honest dialogue between the prophet and the Lord. Watch Now
Pastor Jason delivers a powerful message on the resurrection of Christ and the hope we now have if we belong to Him. Watch Now

The King Has Come

March 28, 2021
Pastor Haig delivers today's Palm Sunday sermon, emphasizing the hope that we now have in Christ because of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Watch Now