Youth Ministry

We're Back In Person!

Join us Friday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm, where the Jr. High and High School students gather in-person for Bible Study, worship, and fellowship. 

We also have a number of events each year for the purpose of outreach, service, and Christ-centered fellowship.

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Upcoming Actitivies

We’ve got several activities lined up for this Summer! Hope you can join us for all of them!

Please note: some activities require signing up! Though some are still with a tentative date as we finalize reservations, please go ahead and sign up below for those activities you plan on attending. Parents, please put all your children’s names who will be attending so we have a good count.

  • Friday, June 24: Park Event (bubble-ball) and Alex Celebration!
    • We’ll be having youth group at the park with some bubble-ball soccer and a celebration of Alex’s b-day!
    • Place: Northridge Park, Time: 5pm until 8pm or so, Cost: $20/student
    • We aren’t planning on providing food, so bring extra cash if you want to get something nearby.
  • Friday, July 8: Early-Open Friday (5pm)
    • Come early to church to hang out, play some b-ball and indoor games, and eat dinner with the group.
    • It’s Bring-Your-Own-Dinner or bring some money and we can order delivery.
  • Friday, July 29, 6:30pm: Pool & Study Night (tentative)
    • We’ll be splitting up into MS and HS groups, going to a house for some pool time and study time together! Bring your swim gear!
    • Homes: TBD, Time: 6:30pm
  • Saturday, August 6: Magic Mountain Day! (tentative)
    • Meet up at church at 9am. Cost: around $75-$85/student (TBD).
  • Late August or Early Sept: Summer Close-Out BBQ
    • Details coming soon!

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Uncomfortable Questions: Ask Away

Every so often during our Friday night services, we’ll take a break from our regular series and walk through what we’re calling, “Uncomfortable Questions.” These are questions from you, our students, on any topic you feel might need some discussion or a deeper dive into the Word together. Let’s not shy away from the tough questions in life, but bring them to the table together and see what God has to say about them.

Use the form below to ask any tough question you want. Don’t worry, your questions will remain private. We’ll keep track of all sincere questions and tackle them every so often on a Friday night. Your name is optional, feel free to ask anonymously. But if you want to talk about your tough question on a more personal level, add your name and check the box below so we can chat about it sooner rather than later.